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Eastern Art Online, Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art

Ashmolean − Eastern Art Online, Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art


The Museum is extremely grateful for Mr Yousef Jameel for making this project possible.

Thank you to all at the Museum who have contributed to and supported the project, and in particular the following individuals for their hard work and dedication to the project:

  • Project Manager: Paul Groves and Aruna Bhaugeerutty
  • Content Editor: Susie Billings and Aruna Bhaugeerutty
  • Documentation Assistants: Sarah Mitchell, Laura Miller, Penny Boxall, Hannah Moor, and Alice Carr-Archer
  • Photographer: Jo-Hung Tang
  • Collections Co-ordinator: Sigolene Loizeau, Naomi Bergmans, and Judy White
  • Image Processor: Leena Lindell
  • Administration: Aimée Payton

We would also like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their invaluable contributions:

  • Web design and development: Keepthinking
  • User testing: Martin Bazley (and all who participated in this)
  • Image research: Lorraine Caunter
  • Freelance photography: Suzy Prior
  • Content volunteers: Sarah Weaver, Ian Matzen, Hazel Shorland, Qiang Wang (Sissi), Lydia Wright, Silvia Barrientos, Jolanta Krokoszynska, Akemi Horii, Liz Bankes

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