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Figure of female attendant with a winnowing basket

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Glossary (2)

earthenware, luted

  • earthenware

    Ceramic material made of clay which is fired to a temperature of c.1000-1200⁰c. The resulting ceramic is non-vitreous and varies in colour from dark red to yellow.

  • luted

    The fusion of parts of ceramics using dilute clay slip.


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Publications online

  • The Barlow Collection by the University of Sussex

    The Barlow Collection

    The complicated pose of the figure, the misunderstanding of the winnowing basket, which would have been used for grain, and the bright pigments all reveal modern manufacture. The upper part of the figure, however, is of a type well known from the early Tang period.

    The head and upper part of the body are part of a genuine, straw-glazed Tang dynasty figure, the face with even features, the hair draped in a high chignon, and the dress with high waist, worn with a scarf. The lower part, from the arms downward, are modern additions, depicting the figure partly seated, partly kneeling on a flat plinth with angular front and pointed back, holding a winnowing basket which contains some circular objects. The modern additions are unglazed and painted in bright pigments.

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