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Autumn Awakening



  • waste-block

    Waste-block, or lost-block printing, requires one block, which is gradually cut between prints to build up the layers of the image. When the image is complete, the block has little printing surface remaining.


    • currently in research collection

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  • Chinese Prints 1950-2006 in the Ashmolean Museum by Weimin He and Shelagh Vainker

    Chinese Prints 1950-2006 in the Ashmolean Museum

    I chose an almost brutal technical process, trying to paradoxically negate the manifestation of woodcut, to reach simplicity through complicity with elimination of technique to realize the transformation of woodcut.

    Chen Long graduated from the Jiamusi College of Education in Heilongjiang province and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1993 and 2000. Since 2001, he has worked as a printmaker in the studio of the Heilongjiang Artists Association. His early work shows a decorative style with vibrant colours. Since the late 1990s, his woodcuts have changed dramatically into a meticulous technical process with symbolic subject matter based on his experiences in his homeland. He has changed not only the appearance and concept of the woodcut in the Great Northern Wilderness School, but has also challenged the limit of woodcut as an art form.

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