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Oval bezel amulet with nasta’liq inscription

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  • Islamic Seals and Talismans by Ludvik Kalus

    Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans

    Cornelian; bezel (but front face is very slightly rounded and the back face is slightly hollow), bevelled towards the front; oval; a little damaged. On rectangular ground, three lines (A 1-3). Around, in four segments, one line of script: above (B 1), on the left (B 2), beneath (B 3) and on the right (B 4). Cursive script; engraved.

    A - (1) God, Muḥammad, `Alī, Fāṭima, Ḥasan الله محمد على فاطمه حسن
    (2) Ḥusayn, `Alī, Muḥammad, Ja`far, Mūsā حسين على محمد جعفر موسى
    (3) `Alī, Muḥammad, `Alī, Ḥasan, Muḥammad على محمد على حسن محمد

    B - (1) Call upon `Alī, the manifestor of miracles. Thou shalt find him ناد عليا مظهر العجائب تجده
    (2) a help unto thee in adversities. All عونا لك في النوائب كل
    (3) care and grief shall vanish by thy prophecy, oh Muḥammad هم وغم سينجلى بنبوتك يا محمد
    (4) by thy holiness, oh `Alī, oh `Alī, oh `Alī بولايتك يا على يا على يا على

    There are some schematic branches and flowers spread over the ground. One line follows the shape of the gem.

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