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Heroes from The Water Margin

  • Description

    The Water Margin, known variously as Outlaws of the Marsh, All Men Are Brothers, and Suikoden in Japan, is one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature. The novel, written in the 14th century, is developed from folklores and dramas based on historical records from the 11th century about the rebellion of a group of outlaws gathered in Liangshan Marsh. The story continues to be one of the most popular subjects in drama, film, video games, and various other media.

    Shi Dawei, Director of Shanghai Academy of Chinese Painting, is a cartoonist known for his figure painting with brush and ink. 25 characters can be seen on this handscroll, identified through their typical costumes and characteristic weapons, such as the ‘Black Whirlwind’ Li Kui with his pair of axes, the ‘Leopard Head’ Lin Chong with his long spear and bottle gourd, the ‘Tattooed Monk’ Lu Zhishen with his monk’s spade, the ‘Tiger Slayer’ Wu Song in his pilgrim’s outfit, and the ‘Thunderbolt’ Qin Ming with his wolf-toothed mace.

  • Details

    Associated place
    AsiaChina Shanghai province (place of creation)
    Shi Dawei (born 1950) (artist)
    Jat See-Yeu (1935 - 2009) (calligrapher)
    Material and technique
    ink and colour on paper
    mount 37 x 654 cm (height x width)
    painting 34.5 x 300 cm (height x width)
    calligraphy 34.5 x 138 cm (height x width)
    colophon 34.5 x 76 cm (height x width)
    rolled 6.3 cm (diameter)
    Material index
    Technique index
    Object type index
    No. of items
    Credit line
    Presented in honour of the 75th birthday of Angelita Trinidad Reyes, 2007.
    Accession no.

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