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Seated figure of a bodhisattva


    • currently in research collection

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  • Early Himalayan Art by Amy Heller

    Early Himalayan Art

    This solid cast male Bodhisattva is seated on a throne with draperies. The right arm is raised against an extant section of the prabha, whose left half has broken off long ago, leaving a smooth edge. The right hand holds a small object, now too worn to be clearly discernible. The left hand rests on the left knee. The Bodhisattva is seated in lalitasana, with left leg pendant. He wears a crown with one central triangular panel and two small lateral flowers at ear level.

    It is probable that this seated Bodhisattva, whose identification remains uncertain, was part of the series which included the seated Bodhisattva discussed above (cat. 22). The open square base below the pedestal is highly similar, and the discrepancy in height would be attributable to the missing portion of the prabha.

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