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Figure of a lady holding a baby in swaddling-clothes

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Glossary (2)

earthenware, glaze

  • earthenware

    Ceramic material made of clay which is fired to a temperature of c.1000-1200⁰c. The resulting ceramic is non-vitreous and varies in colour from dark red to yellow.

  • glaze

    Vitreous coating applied to the surface of a ceramic to make it impermeable or for decorative effect.


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Publications online

  • The Barlow Collection by the University of Sussex

    The Barlow Collection

    These figures roughly follow Tang (AD 618–907) style, although the baby in a basket does not seem to have a Tang model. In their material, the figures deviate from Tang originals, the dark pottery, strong pigments and the dark green glaze all being unknown from that period. Also, the size is too large for this type of figure. One of the figures was once holding a genuine Tang figure of a goose (see Barlow Collection, [LI1301.414]).

    The tall figures are shown standing, with even features, the hair tied up, wearing long robes with rounded collar, high waist, tied with a knotted ribbon, tight sleeves and a scarf draped around the shoulder. The bent-up tips of shoes are protruding from beneath the hem. One figure is holding both hands in front; one has both hands joined, hidden in the long sleeves; one is carrying a bale of cloth, her long sleeves covering her hands and hanging down underneath it; and one is holding a basket with a baby wrapped in swaddling-clothes. The grey pottery is covered with a white dressing and rose-pink pigment, the skirts are glazed in dark green.

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