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Ganesha with his wives and attendants

  • Description

    Ganesha, the benign god of wisdom, bestower of success and remover of obstacles, is invoked by Hindus at the start of any major enterprise. Here the elephant-headed god sits enthroned on a terrace, embracing his consorts Riddhi and Siddhi who ply him with sweetmeats and drink. In his other hands he holds his attributes, the axe and ankus or elephant-goad. Maidservants fan him with chowries (yak-tail fans). Ganesha’s associated animal or ‘vehicle’ is the rat, here seen eating from its own dish.

  • Details

    Associated place
    AsiaIndianorth-west India Punjab Hills (place of creation)
    1810 - 1820
    Material and technique
    gouache with gold on paper
    page 20.8 x 29.4 cm (height x width)
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    Credit line
    Presented by the Simon Digby Memorial Charity, 2012.
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  • Ganesha

    Chubby elephant-headed Hindu deity and son of Shiva and Parvati. He is the god of wisdom, bestower of wealth, and remover of obstacles who is invoked at the beginning of any enterprise.

Past Exhibition

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    • First floor | Room 29 | Eastern Art Paintings

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