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Oval bezel amulet with nasta’liq inscription and medallion decoration

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Publications online

  • Islamic Seals and Talismans by Ludvik Kalus

    Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans

    Cornelian; bezel, bevelled towards the front; oval. The inscription is distributed between the central ground, which has the shape of a decorative medallion (A), and the six segments around it (B1-6). Three lines (A) and one (B1, 2, 4 and 5) or two lines (B3 and 6), the reading starting on the top of the right and continuing clockwise. Cursive script; engraved.

    A - (1) ' "As God will; ما شاء الله
    (2) there is no power except in God"! لا قوة الا بالله
    (3) If thou seest me, that I am less than thou in wealth and children.' (Qur. XVIII, 37/39) ان ترن انا اقل منك مالا وولدا

    B - (1) Oh One! يا احد
    (2a and b) Oh Sufficient in difficulties! يا كافي
    (3) Oh The Eternal One! يا صمد
    (4) Oh Perpetual! يا ابد
    (5a and b) Oh Judge of necessities! يا قاضي
    (6) Oh The Most Forgiving One! يا غفور

    On the ground dots in groups of three. One line follows the shape of the gem.

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