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Oval bezel amulet with naskhi inscription

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Publications online

  • Islamic Seals and Talismans by Ludvik Kalus

    Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans

    Cornelian; bezel (but the front face is rounded); unbevelled; oval. Two lines separated by elongation of the ligature in the word al-matīn. Cursive script; engraved.

    (1) 'I have not created jinn and mankind except to serve Me. I desire of them no وما خلقت الجن والانس الا ليعبدون ما اريد منهم من
    (2) provision, neither do I desire that they should feed Me. Surely God is the All-provider, the Possessor of Strength, the Ever-Sure.' (Qur. LI, 56-58)
    رزق وما اريد ان يطعمون ان الله هوالرزاق ذو القوة المتين

    There are groups of very small dots spread over the ground. One line follows the shape of the gem.

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