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The Barlow Collection

A select catalogue of the Barlow collection of Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes and Jades by the University of Sussex (published Sussex, 2006).

The Barlow Collection by the University of Sussex


Catalogue researched by Dr Regina Krahl.

Photography by Stewart Robinson.

University of Sussex website built by Andrew Collington, Rob Swan and Hilary Tunley.

Project supervised by Professor Maurice Howard and Aiden Leeves.

The production of the catalogue and the University of Sussex website was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Project Fund Scheme for Higher Education Museums, Galleries and

The Ashmolean Museum would like to thank Fiona Courage, Professor Maurice Howard, and Kevin McLoughlin for their help and support in putting the Barlow Collection of Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes, and Jades on Eastern Art Online.


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