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  • This is a visual browsing tool that maps objects in your results by date of creation onto a timeline. 
  • The circular markers indicate where objects are on the timeline.
    • Each marker represents at least one object within a span of 100 years around that point.
    • The size of the markers indicates the relative number of objects at that point on the timeline.
    • Shaded markers indicate which objects on the timeline are visible on the current page of results.
    • Hover over a marker to find out which objects are represented at that point in time.
  • Objects on the timeline are categorised by type using the sections down the left-hand side - Sculpture, Paintings, Ceramics, Textiles and Other. You can click on these sections to focus on that type of object.
  • To focus on a particular period of time, click and drag the red arrows to the bottom left and right of the timeline. Once you have selected your chosen time period in this way, click ‘Apply changes’. You can remove this selection at any time by clicking ‘remove filter’.
  • To expand, collapse or hide the timeline, click these symbols found at the top right of the timeline.
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